Sunny island, limitless possibilities: Malta, the pearl of the Mediterranean, invites you to make entrepreneurial dreams come true with its new startup residency program (MSRP). In collaboration with Malta Enterprise and the Residency Malta Agency, the initiative paves the way for innovative startups and their visionaries to establish and expand in an English-speaking and business-friendly environment.

Malta – hub for unlimited success:

The MSRP is ideal for entrepreneurs and co-founders who want to establish their innovative company in a strategically located EU base and from there want to develop European, African and Middle Eastern markets.

Key to success:

Future-oriented business model: The heart of the program is an innovative business plan that impresses with novel products or services, multi-market revenue or advanced processes.

Strong vision, supported sectors: Startups from the areas of advanced manufacturing, software development, biotechnology, sustainable industries and other innovative areas are supported.

Financial solidity: A material investment and/or share capital of at least 25,000 euros as well as sufficient funds for the living expenses of the applicants and their family members are required. If more than four co-founders apply for the residence permit, an additional 10,000 euros in share capital must be added for each additional co-founder. At least one non-EU co-founder must be registered as an employee.

Dedicated founding team: At least one non-EU co-founder must be registered as an employee in the company. The startup must not have been registered in any country for more than seven years.

Applications are examined based on three aspects:

  • Business plan
  • Degree of innovation
  • Business ability

Beneficiaries must provide evidence of the following:

Tangible presence through life and taxes in Malta.
Applicants and their dependents must have health insurance and intend to stay in Malta for at least 183 days.
Founders, co-founders and core employees must have sufficient funds to support themselves and any dependents and have a full-time contract worth at least 30,000 euros.

Advantages that inspire:

• Fast and easy access to the EU internal market
• Long-term residence stability with a three-year residence permit, extendable for a further five years
• Visa-free access to the Schengen area (90 days per 180 days)
• Attractive business environment: English as official language, strategic location in the Mediterranean
• Comprehensive support: Malta Enterprise offers advice and access to funding programs

After completion, co-founders and their immediate family members can extend their original three-year residence permit for a further five years. Meanwhile, the startup’s key employees can extend their residence permits for another three years. After five years of residency, visa holders can apply for long-term residency.

Malta – more than just a sunny paradise: The MSRP enables innovative startups to put their visions into action, gain a foothold in an international business location and at the same time enjoy the advantages of the Mediterranean habitat.

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