Bulgarian citizenship

Situated at a crossroad between Europe and Asia, its natural borders are also the Black Sea and the Danube River, the country of mixed social influences, but which carefully preserved its name, language and traditions, taking the best of other cultures and cuisine, creating a unique heaven.Bulgaria, the land of mineral springs and roses, remarkable for its variety of scenery, range of animal species and rich architectural heritage. The temperate continental climate, a low crime rate and the fastest process to residency – all that makes Bulgaria a dream destination for those wishing to become EU citizens. There are various methods to obtain Bulgarian passport:

The process of naturalization (citizenship in general terms).
The candidate must have had a legal residence in the Republic for at least five years, no previous convictions, be over 18 years old and a good command of Bulgarian. Also the state requires giving up the present citizenship.

The investment program

A candidate must invest about €500,000 (1 million BGN) in government bonds for 5 years. After that period the money will be returned without interest. Investments are guaranteed by government. If the candidate contributes twice as much sum, he or she will qualify for accelerated obtaining of citizenship. The citizenship will also be granted to the partner and minor children.Spouses of Bulgarian nationals who have been married for at least three years and wish to commence the family reunion procedure are another category of persons who can seek for Bulgarian citizenship.

Bulgarian citizenship by repatriation

However, the repatriation (citizenship by descent) is the quickest method to gain Bulgarian passport currently. This path is based on elements of the Bulgarian citizenship laws (as amended in 2021), making the process quicker and more transparent for those eligible.

According to Law No. 21/1991, and to be precise, Articles 10 and 11, you can apply for Romanian citizenship by descent if you meet the following conditions: have or have had a relative who was a Romanian citizen at any time in their life (parent, grandparent, great-grandparent).The foreigner must provide evidence that either his direct relative (one of the parents, grandparents or great-grandparents) is (or was) of Bulgarian nationality, or the applicant has been adopted by a Bulgarian citizen under the conditions of full adoption. No language requirements, no obligation to relinquish one’s current nationality. As a dedicated team of immigration lawyers, we guarantee the confidentiality and protection of personal data, as well as assisting you with:

  • Consultation on the relevant requirements;
  • Obtaining documentation proving your Bulgarian origin;
  • Collection, clarifying, and assembling of necessary paperwork;
  • Requests for the archive research on your behalf;
  • Applying for citizenship by investment;

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