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GCI UNIT Worldwide is a division of TCME-Group Worldwide, one of the world’s leading professional corporate investment and foreign trade advisory firms, with a total of 17 divisions in various countries and headquartered in Malaysia.

Our team designs and implements tailor-made, holistic strategies for successful investors and entrepreneurs to legally reduce their tax burden, diversify and protect their assets, find interesting investment projects abroad depending on specific customer requirements, and accompany them in the process. We help obtain a second citizenship or residence permit and lead a freer life worldwide.

GCI-UNIT Worldwide is very much a hallmark of high-quality service and professional excellence in many different practice areas.

With our department, we are a global provider of Citizenship by Investment Programs, Honorary Citizenship, Residency Programs, and Citizenship Solutions over Economic Ministry.

We are able to identify rare and exceptional opportunities for our clients around the globe, mainly combining sound investments with the benefits of permanent residence, passport, and citizenship in this country.

Our legal team and specialist lawyers are well-known in the global immigration field and have over 25 years of experience in fast-track dual citizenship programs.

We currently work with more than 70 countries, advise governments and help find investors for their projects, focusing on high net worth individuals (HNWI) or companies that have at least double-digit million assets.

Unlike the classic agent who wants to sell you a second citizenship, we see ourselves as a “boutique” for a special clientele.

It’s not just a question of which citizenship program is best for you and how much it costs in the respective country, but what happens after that? Considerations include:

  • Are there good international schools there for your children?
  • What are the business opportunities in the respective country?
  • What about health care, how much taxes do you have to pay in the country?
  • Can I obtain a second citizenship in a country of my choice even though it does not offer an official citizenship program, but the government is interested in individuals or investors who provide a benefit to the country and are therefore granted citizenship!

We are at home in every country where we offer you a residence permit or citizenship, working locally with our tax advisors and lawyers, and of course, we know the country and its mentality.

In our opinion, it is not enough to just want to sell citizenship based on books or dangerous half-knowledge.

Another specialty area of full-service consulting is investment opportunities and solutions in Europe, particularly in the Balkans, Africa, Asia, the United Arab Emirates, the Caribbean, and the Pacific.

Since 2016, we have been an important mentor for various business groups, economists, financial managers, investment advisors, business leaders, lawyers, and notaries in the implementation and development of programs such as:


Global Citizenship Investment (GCI) is a global provider of:

  • Citizenship programs
  • Honorary citizenship
  • Citizenship through investment
  • Residency program
  • Citizenship through repatriation
  • Granting of citizenship in the special interest of the Republic

Therefore, we are able to identify rare and exceptional opportunities for our clients around the globe, combining, above all, solid investments that lead to the benefits of permanent residence, passport, and citizenship in this country.

In addition, we are in direct contact with several governments interested in appointing business people with a specific network as honorary consuls should a suitable candidate emerge.

If you would like to discuss your internationalization and diversification plans, book a consultation session* or email us at: [email protected]

*A consultation session is a conversation about your portfolio and goals. It is not legal, financial, tax, or investment advice.

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