Romania citizenship

Romania is the last corner of Europe where you see a real sustainability and total durability, and also the preserving of a whole community to the benefit of the humanity yet likewise for nature. Romania is a beautiful place to live as well, it has charming castles, fairytale forests, beautiful sandy beaches, endless green fields, mountain lakes and fascinating architecture.There are several ways to enjoy the benefits of being a citizen of Romania. Foremost, there’s a naturalization process, for people who have already been living, working, studying in the country or married to a national. Also, the fastest way is to get the Citizenship trough repatriation process. Our Lawyers will help you in the procedure.

Citizenship news
Citizenship news
Citizenship news

Romania citizenship by Investment

One option is the Citizenship Through Investment program. One should first secure an investment visa, then invest at least 100,000 euros in business or real estate and live in the country legally for 4 consecutive years, know the language and the constitution. You can then submit the application through one of our lawyers.

Romania citizenship by repatriation

The fastest and most profitable – if you are eligible to apply for Romanian citizenship through repatriation.

To do this, you must prove:


You must prove that your ancestors were born or lived in Romania before 1940.


Obtaining legal documents belonging to your parents, grandparents, great-grandparents who were Romanian citizens at some point in their lives would be a plus.


If the documentary trail is lost, we will conduct historical research to locate the records in the local archives.


We identify and evaluate the most suitable investment opportunities for each client and assign a Customer Manager to be in charge with all his application process.

The reason for obtaining Romanian citizenship is the law on simplified citizenship for the descendants of citizens who lived on the territory of the former Kingdom of Romania from 1918 to 1940.

All processes described in Law №21 of Romania «About citizenship» since 1991 with amendments, art 11of the Citizenship Law and Art. 7 of the Constitution of Romania.

It takes around 2 to 3 months to complete all stages of document verification and digitisation, with the result in the form of a Romanian passport.

Call our Agency we help you in the process!

Romanian citizenship offers the following advantages:

  • Visa-free travel to more than 150 countries around the world;

  • Ability to put money aside in any reliable European bank account;

  • Live and work legally in the EU;
  • Opportunity to study at a European university;

  • Have access to better medical care;
  • The whole family live in a comfortable and safe environment;
  • Buy real estate and invest in your own business anywhere in the alliance.

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